Sunday, June 27, 2021

School is out! Summer Vacation.

Last Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with a walk with our son at a local waterfront park. Our daughter had visited the weekend before. 

School is out as of Friday. I don't go back to work until the last day of August. Oh the crafting plans that I had for the summer that will now have to be scaled down due to my shoulder injury. How sad. I was supposed to have another appointment with my orthopedist this coming Friday, but his office called and said he would be out all week and postponed my appointment by a week. I want to get started on physical therapy. That being said, I have been doing the exercises that I was given and my arm/shoulder is getting stronger every day. It still gets tired when I do too much cross-stitching though. Then again, my other forearm starts aching when I do too much also. I do have to be happy that I can now type this post using both hands. So much easier.

I have been working on my secret stitching and Santa a whole bunch this week.Here is a peek at the secret stitching.

Do you see the beige shading off to the left? Well I had completed a bunch of it near the top of the piece and was surprised by how dark it looked compared to the photo on the kit. I checked and double checked that I used the correct floss. What I didn't notice was that it was only supposed to be stitched with one strand of floss. Needless to say, I did a whole lot of frogging this past week and then I couldn't rest until I put all those stitches back in and finished some more. Now at least it looks like it is supposed to and I am pleased that I caught that mistake. 

Here is where Santa is. You may not notice much progress, but I have added a pale blue (almost light grey) to the fur on Santa's hat near the holly and I added more swirls to his beard. 

I have also been knitting the Butterfly Baby Blanket while watching Mets baseball games, Islander's hockey games (sadly over now) and US Olympic trials in various sports. It has grown a decent amount with all those sports.

My daylilies have begun to bloom. Always so pretty around my deck. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. 

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  1. Oh both of your designs are beautiful and so is the knitting I have made this mistake a few times ha ,
    Enjoy your Sunday stitch.

  2. Glad you caught the mistake before getting too far along on the secret stitching, it’s looking so pretty. Santa gets more personality with every stitch. It’s so nice to see what’s in bloom in the garden each day this time of year! Your day lilies are lovely. Nice to hear your shoulder is improving. I hope you can start physio soon. Yahoo for summer vacation!

  3. I love how your secret project is shaping up.. glad you figured the problem before you went on too far to unpick as easily! That must have been a work out though!!! I love your Santa and so happy you are off work now til August ends! You will see you Ortho in 2 weeks now??? Praying you keep up your exercises until he can get you into p.t. Take care!!! Kathi

  4. I remember when I broke my (left) wrist that the right arm would ache sometimes, too. Maybe from favoring the other one so much? I'm sure. Hope you can get started on your PT soon. Glad you can still do some stitching and knitting. Santa is so cute with his wink!

  5. Hope your shoulder heals up soon and you can get the therapy you need. Your stitching and knitting are lovely!

  6. Hope your shoulder heals soon.Love the pink roses on your secrety cross stitching. Removing all those stitchs was not fun. Santa is more and more pretty every new week. Ahe butterfly afghan is growing fast.
    Have a wonderful week and take care.

  7. Your shoulder injury sounds painful, these things take a while to heal, dont they. Dont push yourself too much as you may delay the healing process. Frustrating I know, as i find while I am recuperating from my spinal surgery, some days are better than others. I love your little blanket, such pretty colours.

  8. How lovely to have two whole months of holidays! Your secret stitching project is lovely. Gorgeous roses. Your Santa is always a hit. Such a pain to undo some of him. Does the hot weather cause your arm to feel less pain....or doesn't it really matter what the weather is like? Take care....and enjoy all that time away from teaching.

  9. Hurray for the holidays, hopefully this will give you time to recover your shoulder injury. Great projects, thankfully you noticed your mistake. Loving the blanket, a great make.

  10. You are making great progress even with an injury!
    Hope you can have lots of time to rest this summer.

  11. Cathie: I did not know you had school till the end of June, our schools are out by the first Friday of June and back the first week of September.
    I do see the progress of the gray on Santa, his winking eye is so cute.
    Secret Stitching design is a very soft looking design, the colors are so refreshing.
    I hope you are healing fast.



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