Sunday, January 24, 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching

I will be enjoying some stitching and reading today. Maybe a little organizing also.

I have added some stitches to Three Boats. You should be able to see that the tree trunk has a few more stitches and I have finished the sand on the left except for one lone stitch along the edge.

I have also been busy adding stitches to October Morning. I finished stitching the orange/yellow color of the tree. Now I have to fill in the empty spaces.

I will probably fill that in today..

Our daughter went home yesterday. We enjoyed having her visit for a week. It was a nice distraction. 

Ruby enjoyed playing with her new squirrel house.

She also spent some time chewing on her bone. We went for a lunchtime walk around the neighborhood most days and she convince Hubby to play ball with her in the backyard several times a day. 

Hopefully they will be able to visit again some time soon. Originally she was supposed to visit in two weeks to celebrate her birthday (30) and Hubby's (60) with dinner and a Broadway show, but well........COVID. So many milestone celebrations have been cancelled, but at least we have all been relatively healthy and have avoided this dreaded virus. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's such a shame so many celebrations have had to be put on hold, I think all of us will have one huge party when it's all over. Your projects are coming on really well it's lovely to see the pictures slowly emerging. Enjoy your stitching today.

  2. I love your stitching progress... but how emotional it must be to have a wonderful visit but miss the visit you had originally planned... I am glad you got the week though ... I bet that daughter needed it as much as you and your hubby did!

  3. Great progress on both projects Cathie.
    I am happy for your and your family. Praying for better days for all of us. Happy slow stitching today!

  4. I hope you and your family can still enjoy dinner out and a Broadway show at some point in the future..a belated celebration. Nice to see you have had some stitching time this week. Glad to see that your daughter and Ruby were able to visit.

  5. everyone will need to really celebrate after our world is back to normal and we can see and spend time with each other again like we always have in the past

  6. So glad you could be together :)
    We have so many celebrations to catch up on when covid is over... it will be one big party!

  7. Both of your stitching projects are beautiful. So glad you could be together. It's a special time now with the pandemic. In this country, we must shut down again, because now the mutated virus from England has come here. So far, it has not come to the region I live in, but it is important to follow the advice from the authorities. Stay strong!

  8. Beautiful stitching projects! Love seeing your progress!

  9. We have missed a lot this past year, too - birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas - but like you I'm glad to have avoided getting sick. Hoping 2021 brings more opportunities to see our kids. Glad you were able to spend this week with your daughter! Enjoy adding a few more stitches to your pretty projects!

  10. Such a shame that so many of your plans have been postponed, it must be terribly disappointing. Great progress on your projects, great stitching. It must have been so nice to catch up with your daughter and the antics of the dog, add so much fun.

  11. so glad you were able to be with her and enjoy her visit with you! Hopefully something will be arranged for the birthdays. Love the stitching progress.

  12. Your stitching projects are both spectacular. It’s so nice that you were able to enjoy your daughter’s visit in spite of canceled plans.

  13. I am glad you have been able to enjoy adding more stitches to both your beautiful Three Boats and October Morning this past week. Glad too that you have enjoyed a lovely week with your daughter.

  14. Cathie: In the times we are going through it has been trying, it is so uplifting to see and hear that you were able to have your daughter and grand-dog with you for a time.
    Your daughter is adorable as is Ruby.
    Nice progress on both designs.



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