Sunday, January 31, 2021

Frogging and free time

 Obviously my brain was not really engaged when I decided to start my baby blanket. I was well on my way to finishing the first skein of yarn, when I realized that there is no way that I have enough yarn to make this blanket. I checked the pattern and realized I needed almost double the amount of yarn than I had. So a few nights ago I frogged the 18 rows that I had completed. So sad....

I think I originally chose this pattern for another yarn that I had purchased. I have started the blanket over with that yarn. 

I should have enough to finish the blanket this time.

I found another knit pattern, Textured Blankie, that I like where I can use the pastel baby yarn. I have to order circular knitting needles for it though. I don't have the correct size.  I just received a coupon from JOANN in the mail and I have a gift certificate so I am going to go shopping online for some treats.

I have my first finish of 2021! It has been a long time coming. I finished crocheting my Breezy Infinity Scarf. It is a very lacy pattern.

Yes, I know, it doesn't look much like an infinity scarf, but it must be blocked prior to sewing the seam. 

That will only take a few minutes once it is dry, so I am calling this done!

My son had his hernia surgery on Thursday. Turns out he had a hernia on each side not just one side as he thought. Hubby has been staying with him in PA since Wednesday night and I have been home alone....which is why that scarf got finished.

I have had a bunch of free time all alone the last few days....except for work, having Mom's carpets cleaned and then dealing with her burner which wasn't working as it should. Other than that, I went down a memory lane rabbit hole this weekend. 

First, our daughter turned 30 on Saturday. This is Hubby with her just after she was born.

We surprised her with a Card My Yard display to help her celebrate!

Then while I was home alone on Saturday, and had some free time, I listened to a very old album. I think I have all of his albums, vinyl of course. Still remembered all the words to the songs. 

Then I found the Final Osmond Family Concert which I "watched" while scrubbing an oven rack. Oh man, was I a fan of the Osmond family growing up. I even managed to go to a couple of their concerts as a kid. 

Hubby is due home today and we are supposed to get socked with snow tomorrow. I wonder if I will have a "snow day" from school? More time to craft!

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I think I will work on Three Boats a little bit today. 

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  1. Well done Cathie with your scarf .
    So sorry about the baby blanket .
    Hope you don't get to much snow before your hubby gets home.
    take care and stay safe.

  2. How disappointing you didn't have enough of the yarn for the baby blanket, but your new yarn looks lovely. Love your Infinity scarf. The Osmond Family were a fabulous group weren't they. Their harmony was amazing. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Hoping your son recovers very quickly.

  3. I used to have a poster of Donnie Osmomd on the wall in my room... we must be about the same “vintage”! Glad to hear your son has had his surgery and that your husband and could be there while he recovers. The scarf is takes a long time to knit a scarf! Sorry the baby blanket did not go as planned, but the new one is coming along nicely, take care. Happy birthday to your daughter-love the signs on her lawn!

  4. Sorry you had to frog your initial baby quilt...maybe the new one you are starting will be fun. I don't know how to knit or crochet well.. I have issues with tensions when I do.
    Some weeks you just need that walk down memory lane... or into the rabbit hole to disappear from life a bit... I am glad you blogged about it and I love your lacey scarf you show drying! AWESOME!!!! Happy Birthday to your daughter... I bet she loved the yard card visit! Hope your son has no issues with his hernia repair and is back to regular life soon! Kathi

  5. The scarf is lovely, what a shame you didn't have enough yarn for the baby blanket, it's frustrating when that happens, there are lots of colours in that yarn maybe find some yarn that matches and make a striped one. I hope your son recovers well from his surgery.

  6. good you could change up the knitting to make it work. I remember the old singing stars always enjoy listening to Bobby Sherman. glad you son's surgery went well and that your hubby will be on his way home - hope he doesn't get caught up in that winter storm - my brother in Maryland is expecting a bit in his area

  7. Lovely infinity scarf, the pattern is so pretty. I am sorry you had to frog out all those stitches and so good to see the progress with the other yarn. ooh my goodness Bobby Sherman what a fun blast from the past. Love the yard card for your daughter.

    1. Glad I am not the only one who remembers Bobby Sherman. Thanks for visiting.

  8. How frustrating it is when the stash doesn't have enough yardage for the desired project. But good same on the new version. I like the colors on that one. Healing vibes for the surgery.

  9. Cathie: I am not a knitter but can only imagine how hard it was to see all your knitting taken out.
    I hope your storm is not a bad one.
    I hope your son is healing well.
    When mike is gone I do get a load of stitching and crafting done.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter, what a sweet photo of dad and daughter.
    We still have records but no turn table, I see they are coming back into style.


  10. So sorry you had to rip out, that is frustrating. Your scarf looks great! Glad your son's surgery went well. Happy stitching and knitting! I'm going to get a new vinyl one with the Barry Gibb and a bunch of country singers called Greenfields.

  11. Lovely scarf. Shame about having to frog your blanket, but the new yarn looks lovely too!

  12. glad your son's surgery was good and that your husband could be there, happy birthday to your daughter!! Bummer about the shortage of yarn but aren't you glad you didn't work further on it???

  13. Well the lace pattern in the scarf is lovely. It is always nice when you have some free time that is just your own.

  14. Well, we are clearly from the same generation! My son turned 30 last fall and my sister used to have a life size poster of Bobby Sherman hanging in her room!! So funny to see that album cover. Enjoy the snow, the knitting and everything else you are working on!


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