Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Finishes

I enjoy looking back at what I accomplished in the past year. I had some big finishes in 2018. 
First and foremost I finally finished Baker Beach in July!
 In that same month I made a tissue box cover for myself.
 A toilet paper cover for my mom....
and I made "Over the river and through the woods" into a pillow cover.
July was a productive month.
Now to go back to the beginning of the year, there were no finishes in January, but I finished this pretty lace infinity scarf in February.
May saw the finish of my Granny Square Rose Afghan after several years of it hanging around. 
In August I finished this scarf for donation.
 I also decided to put some of my vast cork collection to good use.
September saw the finish of yet another scarf for donation.
I also made these fingerless gloves for my Mom.
Of course, up until recently, I have been working on my Advent Calendar. 
I am hoping that I will be able to finish this in 2019.

It is quite satisfying to see all that I accomplished this past year. I hope to share with all of you much more in 2019.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your Baker Beach piece is so lovely. I know it took a long time to make but you'll be able to enjoy it for much longer. The Granny Square Rose Afghan is beautiful. Doesn't it feel good to finally have it to the finished stage? I don't know about you but my unfinished projects are constantly whispering to me so I can't quite settle down till they are complete.

  2. I don't think I knew you crochet also - you get done with a lot! love that lacy looking shawl

  3. It was so much fun following your progress through the year. Happy New Year.

  4. So beautiful projects you have made in 2018. Especially I like the lace scarf and the Granny Square Rose Afghan. Happy New Year! :-)

  5. Cathie: You were very busy in 2018, loving the scarf and color.


  6. Love your Over The River pillow and your Advent Calendar! Great finishes!

  7. You've had a lovely crafty year!!


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