Sunday, September 16, 2018


Mom has been hospitalized or in rehab for the last three weeks. On Monday I attended a care meeting for her and if all goes well she will be heading home in two to three weeks. She still needs to walk more steadily and improve on climbing stairs, but hopefully that will come. She is so looking forward to going back to her home. I am sure that her homecoming will bring many challenges for her and for me as she will need much more help than she has had previously. We shall see. I must thank everyone for their well wishes. They have brightened some really tough days.

Obviously, I have had little to no time to craft lately. Mom's isolation has been lifted so now I can bring a craft with me when I visit her, but I have been much too tired to do so lately. Her hands have been freezing, so I gave her my finger-less gloves and then realized that I really should make her a pair of her own as her hands are even cold when she is at home. I found this Easy Fingerless Mitts pattern and got started one night. Acrylic yarn from my stash for easy washing in a color that mom likes.
One is finished except for seaming and the other should be done soon. This should really be a quick one or two night project, but my time for crafting is quite limited. I hope to have the second one finished some time this week.

Last weekend Hubby and I did make time for a really nice date night. I had purchased 2 for 1 tickets through AARP to see the Broadway musical Beautiful.
Image result for beautiful the musical
This is the story of Carole King's life and music. We had dinner at a BBQ restaurant then saw this great show where we had excellent Orchestra seats. Afterwards we stopped at the bar of a local motel for a glass of wine before heading home. I adore Broadway musicals and it has been a while since we saw one. We had a wonderful night.

I had a little down time last Sunday and started working on Santa's Sack for the Advent Calendar. 
I didn't even manage to finish sewing on the sequins so that is my project for today.
I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I am hoping to add Santa's Sack and its brim today.

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  1. Glad to hear your mom continues to improve, Cathie! Sweet of you to make her some fingerless gloves. Happy stitching on the sequins.

  2. I am sure your mom will appreciate the fingerless gloves, what a great idea. Sounds like a wonderful date night so glad you could get out and enjoy the show! I love her music!

  3. Good news that you mum is making good progress! Your date night sounded really nice and the advent calendar is looking amazing. I hope you get the gloves done and you get some sewing time too!

  4. Fingerless gloves (and hats)are a favorite gift for me to give. They always seem to be a hit. That's a nice, simple pattern, too. I've done the type that are 'gloves with the fingertips missing' and they are much more complicated.

  5. Good that your Mom is getting better Mom's hands were always freezing cold--they do have special gloves for cold hands--I found hers at our local pharmacy...near the therapy wraps...hope all continues to go well ;))
    Cute Advent Work in the sequins (Give me something shiney and I just love it!! lol) hugs Julierose

  6. It's so good to hear from you and learn that your dear Mom is recovering. I do hope she can get back to her home soon. Sending you hugs and prayers, Pat

  7. I do hope your mom gets to go home and she is independent enough for you not to worry more so than usual. We saw the musical a while ago and we enjoyed it immensely.

  8. I’m happy to see you have had a little bit of sewing and knitting time. Continued prayers and best wishes for your mom’s recovery

  9. Best wishes to your Mum. I hope she recovers soon.

    Your Christmas project has got me in the mood to do something christmassy

  10. Your Mum will continue to be in my prayers, a joy to hear of her improvement. Love the colour of the fingerless gloves such a sweet gift.

  11. It will be so nice to have your mom back home, but it will come with some extra worries. She will love those fingerless gloves.

    Your date night sounds positively perfect.

  12. I'm glad your mom is improving. I'm sure she'll love the fingerless gloves, and they're a nice, sophisticated colour. It's 88 degrees here (in Virginia) as I type this, so it's hard to even think about cold hands, but I do appreciate gloves and fingerless gloves in the winter!

  13. Since I have not been able to blog or comment on blogs I must say your progress on your design is almost done and looking great.
    I am so happy your Mother is going home soon, rehab is such an amazing tool to get people motivated and moving.
    Keep us posted on her progress.



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