Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lazy Days of Summer

I am enjoying my lazy summer days. So are the bunnies. Can you see all three?
There is one near the fence post on the left that is hard to see, then one sprawled out and another to the right closer to the sunshine.  
You can see how relaxed the bunnies are in my back yard. I even walked out onto the deck to take this photo.

I stopped reading Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. I just could not get into reading it. I will bring it to my local library's swap rack. Maybe someone else will enjoy it. I am now reading Nora Roberts' Rebellion
This is one of her classic historic romance novels. When I bring some books to the swap rack I need to find something other than romance to read. 

I cast on a new cowl this week.
I have knit only a few rows so far as I want to finish my tissue box cover. I should have that finish in the next post. 

Have any of you seen this product?
 I just bought two boxes, because I am tired of having so many shoe boxes in my closet. I was able to fit six pairs of shoes where once there were four pairs squished together.
Here are the first six pairs of shoes all set up. I have so far eliminated 3 shoe boxes after I set up the next six pairs of shoes. I think that I will still need to keep some of the shoe boxes so that I can store booty shoes in summer and sandals in winter, but I think if I purchase one more set I will be able to keep more of my shoes on display and not forget about some of them.

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  1. I have an 80 page book rule - if I don't care about the characters or the story within 80 pages I stop reading and move on to another book. It works most of the time. Too many wonderful books out there and not enough time to read them all.

  2. We've had so many yard bunnies this year too. They can demolish the garden in no time at all and love my roses. :-(

    1. Our landscaper ruined the one rose bush that we had. I keep the bunnies away from the lilies with a bunny repellent. It works wonders.

  3. I rarely quit a book but wish I had the mindset to do that. Love your shoe reorganization. Frodo would LOVE to chase that bunny.

  4. Aughhhh the lazy days of summer. Looks like you and the bunnies are enjoying yours.

  5. Sweet rabbits.
    I like the shoe idea, mine are all in boxes and yes it's not always easy to pick the right box out and in the end give up and just pick up the first pair ha.

  6. We have a couple of bunnies that like to eat my dandelions. I won't treat the yard with chemicals so there is lots of dandelions and clover for the little critters to snack on.

    Those shoe rack are too funny and they look incredibly useful! I'm glad you found something that works.


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