Sunday, July 15, 2018

Christmas in July!

I have started adding Santa to my Advent Calendar. He has his boots and part of his coat. For some reason his coat took me 3 different sessions to complete. 
I am not sure why Santa's coat took so long, but there you have it.
I finished my plastic canvas tissue box cover. I didn't add the ribbon as I was happy with the way it looked as is. 
Now I have started a knitted scarf for donation from my stitching group. I have a whole lot of singleton yarn skeins. I gave my mother some yarn and a few patterns and she is going to try to make a few also.
I also started a crocheted toilet tissue cover for my mom.

I am reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets now. It is the second of the 7 books. 
I finished Nora Roberts' Rebellion and needed to get away from romance novels. I paid a visit to my local library to swap some books and borrow a couple too. Here is what I took home.
The top two are borrowed and the bottom are swapped. 

I have a few more hydrangea in bloom.
 Aren't they pretty.
 This one is a fairly young plant and only has a few blooms.
My hosta are really full right now also.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. I will be adding some trim to Santa's coat today. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching.

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  1. You have been busy! Your finished tissue box looks great. I love the Harry Potter books, great way to escape!

  2. you have been busy with a variety of things - I usually read mysteries or crime novels and at times totally switch to romance or just plain "life" and enjoy the books so much. I think sometimes we need to switch up our reading

  3. Santa is taking shape! This is a labour intensive project but will be stunning when done. Your flowers and plants are looking lush. We need some rain here. You are getting lots done during your down time this summer.

  4. Great progress on your Santa! Cute shoes ;)

  5. My daughter needs those shoe slotz...she is a shoe fanatic. I have only white hydrangea and love those blue and pink ones. You are busy stitching and living up to your crafty name!

  6. Your Advent Calendar is going to be amazing. It looks great. Great progress on your projects. I love seeing your hydrangeas. (I was just admiring the ones in our yard. I bought one of them on sale years ago. It looked like a dead stick when I planted it, but it's huge and full of blossoms now.)

  7. ho ho ho, you are making progress! I need to start some holiday gift knitting but right now I'm knitting for me :)

  8. The advent calendar is a joy, such great progress.

  9. Your Santa suit looks wonderful, as does your garden! I did add a couple of your books to my "Want To Read" list on Goodreads! The Book Date has a great link up on Mondays where I also find amazing reads! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Your flowers are beautiful. Congrats on finishing your tissue cover...very nice and my goodness you've already moved ahead on more!! Santa is going to be cute!
    Sandy's Space


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