Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Vacation

When the year started winding down at school two weeks ago I thought that I would be crafting away and posting often. I was wrong. Construction started last week on my mother's bathroom. She is 91 and can no longer step in and out of a bathtub, so she was having it removed for a stall shower. Needless to say the weeks leading up to construction required shopping with her for tile and other needed items after work. Once construction started I went to her house every day after work and stayed until the workers left....often making her dinner before going home. There was no crafting going on at all in the evening.

This past weekend Hubby and I visited our daughter and her fiance to see the house that they have now moved into. They have been engaged for one month now with no date set for the wedding at this time.
Don't they look like the proud homeowners?
They have a nice home in a great neighborhood.

They took us to the Arnold Arboretum. What a beautiful place to walk around. Dogs are allowed on leash and there are many bicyclists. Here is a picture tour of what we saw.
These miniature trees are quite old. If you zoom in on the information stakes you can see that some were planted in the 1700s.

We also walked around a few other areas.
The clematis was in bloom and there were so many varieties.
 These are my favorite color.
 The flowers below were so very delicate.

 I did actually take pictures of a color other than lavender.
 But then again who could resist these gorgeous flowers.
 Oh so pretty.
One more picture of the happy couple.
I love this picture. 
I am not as thrilled with the one of Hubby and me, but it is who we are.
We even found a bunny at the aboretum.
He was quite small and not afraid of the people walking near him.
During our car rides to and from Boston, I spent much of my time reading this book.
It is a murder mystery, ghost story, romance. It was easy reading and perfect for my first book of the summer.

Well that is all for now. I hope to be back to blogging on a more regular basis, now that I am home for the summer. 

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  1. what lovely plants! I have read this author and will look for the book. It is good for your mom to have the remodel before a fall happens.

    1. Mom has fallen several times the last of which resulted in 5 broken ribs. Since then she has only been able to take a shower if someone helps her to get in and out of the tub. I think she may still want someone in the house with her, but she will have more privacy and may be able to shower if we can't be there. I just started another of Heather Graham's books, Deadly Fate, I hope it is as good as the last.

  2. Very cute couple. :-)

    Loved the pictures of the flowers.

    I was a caregiver for my own mother and know the struggles of changing this up so they can do routine tasks differently.

    1. It is not easy being an elder caregiver, but it is worth it. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Great photos and glad you had a chance to see the happy couple!

  4. Beautiful flowers! Your daughter and her fiancé look very happy I hope the Reno allows you mom to continue with her independence

    1. So far so good with Mom's renovation. She just has to learn how to operate the shower controls. It will come.

  5. As they laid plans! Your mom will enjoy the ease of not having to step over the tub, as well as the safety of it.

    It looks like you had a nice visit with the kids. The flowers are so pretty.

  6. their house is pretty! I love the photo of you and your husband :) The photo of the engaged happy couple is beautiful! I bet it will be fun to plan the wedding when they start planning the wedding.

  7. Congrats on your daughters engagement. :)


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