Tuesday, June 5, 2018


A week ago Saturday was sunny and hot. Of course that was the perfect day to pay a visit to a local nursery and buy plants for the pots on my front porch and my deck.
I potted the cherry tomato plants first so that they have a chance to get going.
I didn't buy any other vegetables, because past experience has taught me that these are all that I can grow successfully.
I always put geraniums on my front porch because it faces south and they look nice all summer. I chose three different colors this year.
First two Salmon colored.
This red one I didn't choose. One of the local real estate agencies gives out geraniums to each home on mother's day. I added two pink impatiens to the pot that you can't currently see.
This is what I have left to pot. I bought the other red geraniums for my mother as her Mother's Day gift. I will pot them for her. There are also pink geraniums for my front porch too.
I doubt that I shared my Mother's Day gifts since that day ended horribly.
Hubby bought me these two hanging baskets.
My MIL bought me this very large basket.
The angel below was a gift in remembrance of my FIL last year. I bought that pretty glass flower in HomeGoods today. 
We just have to be sure to put it in a safe place when Hubby and my son practice golf in the back yard.

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  1. Your garden pots look wonderful.
    Have a good week.

  2. My grandmother always had beautiful red geraniums on her front porch. They look so striking.

    1. My mom loves red geraniums on her front stoop too. I need to take a picture, but that is what I potted for her.

  3. Hoping to get notifications of comments by commenting myself.

  4. you have a beautiful garden! We are terrible at growing stuff. I bought three pepper plants ($1.50 total). I wait for the clearance so I invest the least bit possible :)

    1. I can't grow peppers to save my life. The only vegetable that I can grow is cherry tomatoes. I am better with potted flowers.

  5. Beautiful flowers! It's hard to grow anything in our Oklahoma summer sun.


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