Monday, April 2, 2018

It is April and Spring is still not here.

 Yesterday I took this picture of two mini-daffodils that found their way to the bed in front of my porch.
I didn't plant them there, but they look so pretty. I love daffodils in Spring-time.
Wait, it's Spring? You wouldn't know it from the scene that I woke up to this morning.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen that is about 3 inches of heavy wet snow. 
I wonder how long it will be until we can use our back-yard furniture.
Hubby and I had to bring my car in for service this morning and I was not happy about driving on the icy, slushy roads.
Thankfully by this afternoon it has melted off of the streets which are now clear and dry, but driving this morning was not a pleasant experience.

I had a full week of work this past week and my son and daughter visited this weekend for Easter so the only crafting that I got to was connecting some more of my Granny Square afghan. 
All the rows have been connected as well as almost 3 complete column seams. You can see that there are four columns connected on the left and then spaces. I still have five more column seams to finish, but I have to do so slowly as this seems to hurt my hands and strain my forearms. 

I am hoping to get some time to work on October Morning and the Advent Calendar during my week off, but there are no new updates at right now.

Finally, I want to show you the pretty flowers I received as Easter gifts this year.
 This is called a Mona Lisa lily. I prefer the colored lilies to the traditional white Easter lilies.
I love to plant all my Easter plants in my garden once they are finished blooming. I like tulips second only to daffodils. These will be nice additions. Right now these flowers are in my garage so they won't be ruined by the snow. I can't bring them into the house as I am allergic to their fragrance. I just like to look, not smell.

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  1. Snow on Easter is a nasty gift! The flowers look so pretty and will brighten the darkest days, Summer IS coming.

  2. So happy you had a lovely Easter and what beautiful flowers such a lovely gift . Have a good week hugs.

  3. your flowers are beautiful and cheerful for these dreary days. Our weekend was fabulous and then it snowed!

  4. Such beautiful flowers, whilst we didn't get any snow I am leaving my Easter plants in the lobby until it warms up a little.

  5. We're getting snow here today too though I don't think we're supposed to get that much! I am sooo ready for winter to be over.

    Here's hoping you get to work on your Advent Calendar and October Morning during your week off. I checked back a couple of posts and they're both looking good.

    Thanks so much for linking up this month's Stitchery Link Party... please feel free to link up your progress throughout the month. :)

  6. We are having snow showers today. Nasty! I wondered if you had company on the weekend when you did not link up with Kathy. Your afghan will be done soon! I hope your arms aren’t too sore working on it. Have a good week.

  7. Oh, what a beautiful afghan. Today I have seeing so many beautiful crochet blankets, that I wanna make one of my own :)


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