Sunday, January 7, 2018

Snow days

I ended up with an unintended four day weekend due to the blizzard we had here on Long Island. My son had some extra time in Southern California as it took an extra day and a half before he could get a flight to New York. 
Our back deck ended up free of snow, but one of our chaise lounges flipped over and the cover blew off of our table and chairs.
Our front porch had a nice drift. 
No snow on the cars, but a drift next to Hubby's car.
Of course that meant I did some some snow shoveling (our snow blower wouldn't start despite being tested prior to the storm).
 It took a while to shovel through the end of the driveway. We had to go back out after dark once the plows came through a second time.
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  You can see how high the snow mounds are. We had over 12 inches of snow.
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 The two snow days also meant that I had time to take down almost all of the Christmas decorations. 

Of course I was not going to waste two unexpected days off just doing chores. I sat down with Baker Beach for a few hours and made some real progress.

I also cast on this Milanese Lace Cowl (4 times) before I actually got the count correct and the pattern going. I have finished 2 of 8 repeats of the pattern. 
I haven't knit in a while and am really enjoying challenging myself with a lace pattern. It is surprisingly quite easy.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I think that Baker Beach needs a little more love today.

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  1. that is a lot of snow to shovel - sorry your snow blower would not work, that makes it so hard to shovel so much by hand. Glad you got in a good visit with your son though!

  2. We took our tree down yesterday and will put the rest of the decorations away today. You made good use of your two extra days off! That was quite the storm that you had! Baker Beach stitching sound like a perfect way to spend some time today.

  3. Baker Beach looks fabulous! And quite the contrast to all the winter conditions we all seem to have. We’re in the “snow squall” region south of Lake Huron, so we’ve been getting dumped with snow the past week too. Every time I’m tempted to complain about the cold and winter, I remind myself that it’s because of winter that we don’t have the nasty critters that populate the southern areas of the states.... like huge snakes and crocodiles and scorpions and Zika mosquitos. LOL

  4. It is snowing as I sit in comfort looking at blogs and getting inspired by what I see. Hubby does most of the snow shoveling these days, and for that I am grateful!

    Love seeing the progress on Baker Beach...soon you will have a beautiful finished project!

  5. Baker Beach is still looking good, with extra snow days you may get it finished soon.

  6. The snow looks beautiful but I know what havoc it can cause. I'm excited to see your new knitting project. Stay warm and safe. Pat xx

  7. My goodness that is a lot of snow and whilst I do like looking at it in the short term I am not really a fan. Great new knitting project.

  8. You were super productive for four snow days!

  9. In all my 55 years I have never seen so much snow! Wow! I'm so glad you had a nice visit with your son! Baker's Beach is so lovely - a nice contrast to your weather! Take good care!

  10. You certainly are getting some extreme weather over there. At least you are able to put snow days to good use.

  11. How nice for you to get a few unexpected slow days!!! The snow looks pretty.

  12. We have had a lot of snow here too. Luckily I have 2 snow shovelers to help me.
    That knitting pattern looks HARD! The yarn is very pretty!

  13. Cathie: Baker Beach is lovely, I bet you are happy it is so near the end.
    Your knitting is lovely.
    We have had very little snow, it is coming this Thursday, we have had temps in the minus catagory, the last two days has been in the upper 30s which is a heatwave for us here in Minnesota.


  14. yay for snow! and I love that cowl, I'm looking into that pattern :) Stay warm!


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