Sunday, January 21, 2018

1500 stitches

1500...that is the approximate number of stitches left on Baker Beach. I added a few more yesterday and hope to spend about an hour on it today. This is where I am.
It may not look much different from my last post two weeks ago, but trust me I have been filling in some of that blue.
I have been watching tennis and pre-Olympic sports on the TV at night and knitting this pretty cowl. 
I have completed three of the eight pattern repeats. I am loving this lacy knit. It is quite easy to keep track of the pattern with a stitch marker every 12 stitches as recommended in the pattern. Usually my only mistakes are forgetting to YO which are easily fixed. 
I finally received this cross-stitch fabric in the mail after an e-mail to the company.
 I ordered it just after Christmas and only received it this week. The company claimed that its distributor was on vacation, but I would have liked some notice that it was delayed rather than wondering whether or not my order was lost. 

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. This year she is having occasional photo challenges and today's topic is hoops
The one "hoop" that has been getting the most use lately is this cross-stitch stand that I am using for Baker Beach. 
It has been getting quite a work-out and I think I may have to replace some screws that seem to be stripped before I use it again. Do you like the view of my living room down below?
This little oval hoop I inherited from an Aunt many years ago.
I also have this frame to use for larger cross-stitch projects that don't necessarily need a stand with them.
I have several round wooden hoops for smaller projects
Although it is difficult to tell from this picture, the hoop below is a two plastic hoops connected to make a lap stand. I like to use this for medium sized-projects.

I own a large round quilting hoop that I prefer to use for hand quilting,
but I have an oval quilting stand also.
I sometimes use this hoop on the stand or on my lap.
Those are just a few of my hoops. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching and the kind of hoops they are using.

I will be working on Baker Beach some more today edging closer and closer to a finish. 

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  1. Your stitching is growing and looking great , Nice knitting .
    The post everywhere the last few months have been late , and yet costs more !

  2. I am in awe of your work on such a big project, I am so looking forward to seeing the end result. Beautiful knitting project, the yarn is stunning.

  3. Only 1500 stitches left? are so close! Do you bring Baker Beach to other rooms for stitching time? I want to learn to knit someday.

  4. many different hoops to use. yes "only" 1500 stitches left to do :)

  5. I didn't realize Baker Beach was on a frame... so interesting to see that. And your living room looks beautiful... those chairs look comfy for stitching or reading! Happy Slow Sunday Stitching!

  6. Great collection of hoops and frames, 2 or 3 of them are like mine.
    Just 1500 stitches, uh-hu you are so close to the end. Happy stitching.

  7. Wow only 1500 stitches to go. Lovely collection of hoops.

  8. One can never have enough hoops! Love the red and white furniture!

  9. I am really enjoying reading everyone's posts on what hoops they use... I love seeing all your different kind of hoops especially! Nice cross stitch fabric ... is it linen?? I have stitched on linen fabric in the past and enjoyed it... found a store in Orlando that carried the fabric in so many colors it was always fun to make a trip ... now I live near there but don't cross stitch anymore but hand quilt instead.. now no LQS near me carries hand quilting supplies! lol oh well... glad your fabric arrived and soon you will be done with that one long term cross stitch.. will be AMAZING to see it get framed and adored! Kathi

  10. It's nice to see your projects complete with hoops on the go! Barber beach is sooo near the end!

  11. Hi Cathie, I can hardly wait to see Baker Beach finished. I can't imagine how many stitches total are on this beautiful piece! It was fun seeing all the different hoops you use in your stitching. And, the knitted shawl looks beautiful; I'll have to check out the pattern. Enjoy your week and I hope you have some warm weather in the forecast. Pat xx

  12. It's me again. Oops, sorry I meant cowl instead of shawl!

  13. That's a whole lot of HOOPla! Woohoo. I love all the hand stitching projects you have going on. What a fun view from the loft. Have a great week.

  14. So many wonderful projects! The cowl is so pretty, I love those colors.

  15. I bet you will be super happy when that big cross stitch project is done! I am amazed at how big it is :) Loved the peek of your living area and all your projects.

  16. You have made so much progress on Baker's Beach! It's absolutely lovely! So happy for you!


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