Friday, September 1, 2017

Getting ready for the Fair

I have decided to enter some of my hand-made items into the Long Island Fair this year. I haven't done so in a few years so I have several items that can be entered. I am going to enter my Fans and Feathers Shawl,
the Fresh Till Cowl,
Autumn Angel, 

and the crocheted Christmas Tree that I made for my son. 

The first three have been completed for some time, but last Saturday, I finally got around to assembling the Christmas Tree. 

Each layer is stacked on a size 10 knitting needle that is pushed through a foam circle.
 Layer by layer is added and glued.
All the way up until....
the spire is on the top.
It was a slow progress waiting for the craft glue to dry, but I prefer it to the glue gun when working with yarn.
You may recall that I already made one of these for my daughter. The only change is in the skirt. I had a wee bit of variegated Christmas yarn that I decided to use to in place of some of the white on the skirt before the red edging.
The day after I glued the tree together, I glued on almost 80 small pom-poms.
I love it. Now my son will have some Christmas decor for his new apartment. But first it has to go to the Fair.

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  1. Your Christmas tree is adorable

  2. Those are such lovely entries--good luck, Cathie!

  3. All great entries, I love the Christmas tree. Wishing you every success.

  4. Can't wait until I see your blue ribbons! These are lovely items you're going to enter. The tree is adorable! Pat xx

  5. Cathie: Congratulations on making the decision to enter the Fair, I am sure you will do well, you have chosen some beauties to enter.


  6. I didn't even know LI had a fair!! I just heard that this was the last year for our fair, it's a pathetic fair but gave me the opportunity to win some ribbons and cash.
    I like your entry choice and hope you did well. Your Christmas tree for you son is adorable! Mary


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