Sunday, February 5, 2017

My first finish of 2017

I have finished my daughter's On the Tracks infinity scarf. I made a small change by adding one extra dc and hdc row each between the open-work rows. When my daughter used mine, she said she would like it slightly wider. 
 I really like this yarn. It is hand-dyed Feza "Artist" extrafine sock weight merino 2004. I would buy this brand again.
I have also been working on Baker Beach. Last week it looked like this. 
I have only added about 100 stitches so far this week, but you can really see the rest of the bridge emerging. I was surprised at how different it looked from last week. I couldn't see the progress when I was working on it.
I will be joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching today. On Monday I will join the Stitchery Link Party at Super Mom - No Cape. Pop on over to these sites to see what other bloggers are up to. I will be working on Baker Beach once again. I want to be able to show you this finished page by the end of February.

We had our resident bunny visit the other day.
I'm sorry the photo is so blurry, but it was dusk and very cold outside so I took the picture from my kitchen window.
It appears that our flower bed edging will need to be reset in the spring. Once again, it is amazing what photos will reveal to you. 

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  1. A lovely finish, what a joy for your daughter to receive such a beautiful gift made with love.


  2. Wonderful stitching , and lovely gift for your daughter .
    Love the bunny so cute thanks for sharing .

  3. Great scarf, I'm sure your daughter will love it. Is it worked in the round or seamed together at the end?

  4. It looks like the fog is lifting and the bridge is coming into focus! Beautiful scarf for your daughter! Have fun stitching today. We have not seen our neighbourhood rabbits for a while, but their tracks scamper across our yard in the snow.

  5. Love the scarf. It perfect color for me, lol. Love the difference stitches too. It's fun to compare the last week versus this week photo of your Xstitch. You might have "only added about 100 stitches" but it's a 100 stitches closer to the finish line. So great work! ;^)

  6. Nice scarf! I like the wool too. The bridge is really coming into focus! Yay!

  7. Beautiful stitching! Lovin' the bridge!

  8. Beautiful gift for your daughter--that Bay Bridge is a big WIP

  9. Congrats on a wonderful scarf finish and I love how the bridge is coming out in BB, wow!

  10. The stitching is coming along great. Even only doing one stitch is progress.

  11. I always enjoy seeing your progress on Bakers Beach and that scarf is lovely! Congratulations on a beautiful finish :)

  12. The scarf is beautiful. You made a lot of progress on the stitching. The bridge is getting clearer!

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  14. Hi Cathie, it's great to see how well you are progressing on Baker Beach!
    The scarf for your daughter looks gorgeous! A lovely finish!
    Love your header stitching too!
    Thank you for your comment on my post over at Kitten Stitches and the Friday Frolics.
    Barbara x

  15. What a pretty scarf. You've made great progress on Baker Beach! And the bunny is adorable. :)


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