Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Family time

I am thoroughly enjoying my time off with my son and daughter visiting. Even though they are grown adults, I have to get the obligatory Christmas morning pic in front of the tree. They humored me.
 I am also relaxing and crafting. I have finished the cowl I was making for my daughter. She asked me to complete only 10 out of the 12 rows. She really likes it. It just covers her mouth and nose. It will work well when she is bundled up walking to and from the T(the train) in Boston this winter. 
I am working on the crocheted tree skirt for another crocheted Christmas tree. This is all that is left to finish so I might as well get it done. I am hoping this scrap of variegated Christmas yarn will be enough to finish the skirt. I would like it to be different than the one I made for my daughter. I will give this one to my son next Christmas.
 Do you see my new crochet hook? Hubby gave me a whole new ergonomic set for Christmas. I hope they will make it easier for me to crochet for longer times. 
I know that my hand didn't cramp up when I was crocheting the little circle above this morning so I am hopeful.
I am going to use this yarn to make an infinity scarf for my daughter.
Ignore the hat picture behind it. That was the original intent for this yarn, but now will be a variation of On the Tracks. This yarn is not fingering, but I think it will work fine....or I will go yarn shopping. 
I will be returning to stitching Baker Beach soon. Maybe not this week as we will still have visitors and it is easier to crochet than stitch, but you never know. I want to work on the Prairie Schooler Santas too. They will be put away for gifts for next year. I denfinitely ran out of time this year, but that is okay. So much less stress.

I am joining Ginny for Yarn Along today. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are knitting/crocheting and reading. 

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  1. Those are the best crochet hooks - so much easier on the hands that the old ones. Great pics of the kids on Christmas morning.

  2. Hi Cathie: Lovely photo of your Children, it is fun to have a photo from each Christmas.
    Love the blue for that cowl so pretty, I like the variegated thread for the tree.
    I would like to learn to crochet someday, I can do a chain stitch and that is all.
    Love the crochet hooks, your Husband is a wonderful man to buy them for you.


  3. You have lovely kids :) Merry Christmas and I'm glad you have them all in the house at the same time for a holiday!!

  4. Great photo and very thoughtful gift from your DH. Excellent to know they seem to help too! A very good idea not to stress of the PS Christmas designs too, next year is lots of time.

  5. Oh, your crochet hooks set is so cute! What a great gift! Enjoy the time with your family!


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