Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Houses

Hubby and I have been working to get our house decorated for Christmas. The outside is done. Most of the lights were hung by Hubby.
 Our home is two stories, but our fear of heights prevents us from putting any lights on the second floor eaves. 
I thought I would show you how some of the locals decorate their homes also.
I have shared this one before, the local family collects donations for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. This is quite an elaborat display.
 The penguins are working hard.

 This display is new this year.
 I love the carolers.
Santa's workshop is also new this year.
 The reindeer are ready.
 Mrs. Claus is busy with her knitting. She has a cup of cocoa nearby.
 Santa is looking over his list.
 The choir is all assembled.
 I don't think this is how the reindeer usually fly.
Now this is the most elaborate display in my neighborhood, but their are other neighbors who have extensive decorations also. The following homes are all within walking distance (just a few blocks) from my home.
This family started decorating before Thanksgiving.

 The following are three of four homes at a nearby intersection. The fourth house doesn't even try to compete. This is house #1
 I like the animated dolls in the front window.
 Here are the decorations of house #2.
 Don't you love the skating Peanuts characters.

 And finally house #3.
 I love this snowman. Several houses in our neighborhood have him.
 All three houses are the same basic split-level so if they all look alike, you know why.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I certainly did enjoy my visit, it was wonderful to see all the displays a real feast for the eyes.

  2. You live in a great neighborhood! What fun it must be to tour the decorations.

  3. what a fun neighborhood! I live in the country and on my road no one decorates the outside (including me...). However when we drive through the town I do so love to look at other peoples' efforts!

  4. wow....the spirit is alive and well in your neighborhood!!!!! fun to look at.

  5. What fun, your house looks beautiful and the others in th surrounding area make me feel very festive, thanks for sharing!

  6. Your lights look wonderful , and thank you for sharing other houses it's always nice to see.


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