Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Ice Cream Saga

On Monday, Labor Day, Hubby and I were taking an after dinner walk around our neighborhood. It was just about getting dark. On our walk we hear the Mr. Softee jingle. Mr. Softee is one of the local ice cream trucks that tour the neighborhood.

Mr. Softee has been around since I was a kid. Typically you get a soft-serve cone: vanilla, chocolate or swirl from this truck, but you can get sandwiches and pops also. I haven't had a Mr. Softee cone for ages. We weren't real close to our house and he stopped on the other side of a local park so we just continued home. It would be some time before Mr. Softee got to our block, if he did at all that night.

Back home Hubby decided he wanted a dish of chocolate ice cream. Let's just say that I hadn't been food-shopping in a while. I was planning on going on Tuesday. We decided to go to our local ice-cream parlor, Krisch's.

This gem has also been around since I was a kid. They are not only an ice-cream parlor (all homemade), but they also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has an old-fashioned counter and 50's theme decor. I remember fondly getting a hot roast beef sandwich for dinner a few times when I was young. Hubby just likes going for ice-cream, not meals. At Easter, they sell a huge assortment of homemade Easter candy.....bunnies, foil eggs, etc.

Now back to the ice-cream tale. Remember, this is Labor Day so we weren't even sure they were open. Well, they were mobbed. The line was out that door you see in the picture above and people were sitting at those outdoor tables waiting to get in. You couldn't even see a path to the counter. 
Okay, so now we decide to go to Carvel since there is one on the road leading home. Now Carvel is mostly soft-serve ice-cream. They are known for their flying saucers (ice-cream sandwiches) and their ice-cream cakes (Fudgie the Whale being one of the most famous).

The one we were headed for looks just like this one. We parked. When we got to the front door the line was also out the door and snaked three deep inside. Are you getting the picture? Everybody wanted ice-cream on Monday night. 

Okay, there is another Carvel store that is actually even closer to our house. We will try this one next.  We live on Long Island. I can easily tell you where there are 4 Carvel stores withing 3 to 10 minutes from my home. This Carvel is store in a small strip of stores. Jackpot! This store was virtually empty. Hubby got his soft-serve chocolate ice cream cup with hot fudge topping. I got a junior-sized vanilla cup with chocolate sprinkles. That is our ice-cream saga. 

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  1. Worth the wait, you got it in the end. I could just eat some ice cream....

    1. I have eaten way too much ice cream this summer. Diet time....maybe.

  2. Love the ice cream story , what fun but you got there in the end.

  3. Glad you finally got your ice cream what a trip to get it. You should have went to the park for the smoothie truck. hugs Lynda Ruth

  4. I'm sure the ice cream was worth the long trip to get it!


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