Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hot and Steamy Stitching

It is hot and steamy here on Long Island this weekend. When you walk outside it feels like you are being slapped in the face with a wet rag. Yup, it is that humid outside. It is supposed to be over 90 degrees today also. I will probably take a dip in my pool. I like it best when it is really hot outside.
 All my stitching will be done inside today. Thank goodness for central air-conditioning. 
I have decided to spend a lot of time working on my table runner. I have now finished quilting one half of it.
I am enjoying the hand-quilting. The second half should be completed this week. Yay!
Last week I had almost finished the 3rd page of Baker Beach.
I spent some time this week getting started on my 4th page.
There is a whole lot of black to stitch on this page, so I take a break from it every once in a while and fill in with other colors. It is hard to see the other colors, but there is a little bit of dark brown and maroon mixed in with those stitches that you see. My goal is to finish this page by the end of August. At the beginning of the summer, I had hoped to finish a page each month, but I think that may be unrealistic. Considering there are 6 more pages after this one, I don't see this being finished until sometime next year.
I am joining Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching today. I will be joining the Stitchery Link Party at Super Mom - No Cape on Monday. Pop on over to these sites to see what other bloggers are stitching.
Keep cool!
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  1. Enjoy your stitching indoors today. SAME HERE! Western Pa. I went outside very early to mow with the reel mower....quiet so as not to wake the neighbors but harder to push than the regular one. I wanted to beat the heat. Came in dripping sweat's hard to get used to this after so many cool rainy days :)

    1. Oh my you are ambitious. It has been years since I mowed a yard. I never used a reel mower. Keep cool.

  2. It is definitely a great day for staying inside and stitching here too. Thank goodness for air conditioning! 6 more pages????? How big is it going to be when it is done?

  3. SIX more pages?!?! WOW that will be quite an accomplishment!
    Love the table runner quilting!

  4. Om my...your weather is hot. Yes thank goodnes you have air. Enjoy stitiching thought...I always enjoy watching your progress.

  5. Oh enjoy your AC--here in SE CT (across from you ;--))) we are hot hot hot too!!
    I love how your table topper is coming--is it a bargello pattern?
    I plan on staying INSIDE (no walking outside--just too humid and hot!!) . My slow work will be a combo of knitting my socks and layering my POMS...stay cool now..hugs, Julierose

  6. Boy you have hot weather. I haven't taken my sweatshirt off all week. I hadn't realised you had so much to go still, but you always seem to be making such great progress when I visit.

  7. I couldn't survive in that heat so I don't envy you. We think it's horrendous in Wales when it hits the 70's. We couldn't cope with your heat

  8. It's super hot and steamy here and I don't like it one single bit. loved seeing your quilting and stitching :)

  9. Fabulous stitching project. I though it was looking done till I read there are six more pages still. You done great so far. I really like it.

  10. We had a hot weekend, too, and spent Saturday at the river where it was cool and shady. Nice progress on your stitching projects!
    xo Lisa

  11. Six pages? Yikes, but there is a lot of detail on that pretty piece. Hope the AC continues to work well until the heat breaks.

  12. That is an ambitious goal for the summer, but it is looking so great. The quilting is fabulous too.

  13. Wow! SIX more pages? I can't imagine. Next year is right! Hot and steamy here too...but, alas, no a/c so no work on big projects here. I'm glad to go to the paying job with a/c these days!

    Pretty table runner too.

  14. Hope you stay cool with the A/C. Your table runner is coming along very nicely and I love your cross stitch. I don't have the patience or eyes for detailed charts anymore, but sure appreciate someone who does.

  15. In our country summer is already over and now it's windy season with slight drizling now and then. Can imagine how you will feel coz for us in summer the temp will be above 100 deg. Cross stitch is coming up nicely. it is an inspiration for me. I am planning to do a big cross stitch project which has 45 pages in a pdf file. Your table runner is also very pretty.

  16. Love your patchwork table runner... such a pretty design and colour and the quilting looks lovely! You are making great progress on the cross stitch too... it is a lovely picture! :) x


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