Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yarn Along for Mom

As the title suggests this yarn along is mostly about my mom. Why? Because at 87 years old she just finished knitting an afghan for my son. 

It is made with Vanna's Choice Yarn. Here is a close-up.
  It is a beautiful basket-weave pattern.
Next she is planning to knit an afghan for my daughter. We will pick out yarn for it the next time my daughter visits. 
I have made progress on the vest I am knitting for my mom for Christmas.
The body of the vest is reverse stockinette stitch which I discovered just means that the pearl side is the right side. I have a lot to learn with knitting. It is knitting up quite quickly. I just have to limit how much time I spend on it each day. I don't want to re-injure my hand like I did in January.

I am joining Ginny's Yarn Along again this week. What are you knitting/crocheting? What are you reading? I am also joining Tami for WIP Wednesdays. Pop on over to their sites to see what other bloggers are up to.

As for my reading, I finished Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer. I loved this book. It is a the story of three sisters and their father, their lives, their loves and their insecurities. I have definitely found another author whose books I really like. Nancy Thayer joins Debbie Macomber, Susan Wiggs, Nora Roberts and Sheryl Woods as authors that I will continually return to reading. I am headed out to the library to pick up a few more books as soon as I finish this post. I will try to get another book by Nancy Thayer. 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hello Cathie

    Just found your blog.
    Your Mum's afghan is just gorgeous. I hope I will be able to knit as long as your amazing Mum!
    Your knitting is lovely too, great colour.
    I do like Debbie Macomber's books - I think I may try Nancy Thayer now too.
    Happy knitting (:

  2. Yours mum is an amazing knitter the afghan is beautiful that is where you must get your skill of knitting from. Have a great week.

  3. I am actually better at crocheting than knitting. Mom could never seem to teach me how to knit. It is funny because Mom can't get the knack for crochet.

  4. I love your mom! Tell her I said Hi. now that afghan is gorgeous and you've knitted so much on that vest. Before you know it you'll be finished.

  5. What a lovely afghan! And what a lovely grandmother and a lucky son!

  6. Your mother did a great job on the basketweave. I hope I can still knit that well at 87!

  7. Wow - not only do I hope to be alive at 87, I hope to be crocheting! Thank you or sharing Cathy! Hugs to you and your mom!

    1. My mom's family is long lived. I hope to be able to continue my own crafts until my dying day many years from now.

  8. Bless your mama' she art. She did an act of love there and am Jude it was time consuming. What treasures, both your mom and the afghan.

  9. That is a really nice blanket. I love the stitch pattern. I hope I'm still knitting at 87!
    I like the color of your shawl.


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