Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I moved my craft room

As I have mentioned before, my craft room is a small room nook in my basement that I share with my freezer. Well with no "kids" to use the larger side of the basement, I decided to swap storage and bookshelves to that much larger side. Now I have a larger place to spread out the sides of my sewing machine table and easier access to all of my supplies.
There is still a large sectional and entertainment center in this room which is a bonus for me when sewing.
Of course I could always play a little music on the keyboard too.
These shelves used to hold all of the family games and puzzles.
 Now they have my craft books/magazines ....
The binders below hold printed patterns and craft patterns that I have torn out of magazines. The binder with the yellow label has a list in front on which I have recorded all of the crafts I have made from books and magazines that I own. Also in this binder are all the craft patterns I have completed in the past. Each one is in a clear plastic holder. 
These boxes are filled with yarn, thread, ribbons and artificial flowers.
Of course there are some other odd and ends that needed homes also.
Here is one of two storage closets that hold more supplies. This one has some more of my yarn as well as boxes filled with glues, floss, tatting thread, and more odds and ends.
This is the larger of my storage closets. It holds all of my fabric, batting, and cross-stitch fabric and.....
buttons, paint, wrapping supplies and more odds and ends.
I also have this rolling cart for my scrapbooking supplies.
  This is probably the least used item in my room as I am not very creative when it comes to my photos.
Since this was my kids hangout room for quite a while, I have their school silhouettes with plastic-canvas name tags I made many years ago.
There is also a cross-stitch that I made for my husband's office many years ago.

 I couldn't get a great picture because I did not want to take it down as it is over a large desk with a hutch. 
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my "new" craft room. I didn't show you my sewing table which is located behind the sectional as it is currently covered in fabric. I still need to add some pretty touches, but it is more wide open than my "old" area so I am happy.

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  1. what a lot of work you just did, you need a cup of tea and a bit of a rest. But your craft room looks fab. Hope you enjoy doing your crafts in it. hugs Lynda Ruth

    1. Thanks Lynda. I think I need to get down to crafting now.

  2. It looks amazing Cathie a beautiful space for working on your varied projects. Such a lot of supplies that is such a lovely feeling isn't it? Have a wonderful week.

    1. Sometimes having a lot of supplies means not knowing where to start or what to use. I do like to have lots of options though.

  3. I love it! Looks fantastic to stitch in. Very organised

  4. Thanks Rachael. I am looking forward to spending time there.


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