Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Floral Yarn Along

Sharing some photos of the flowers I planted in pots on my front porch. I have found that geraniums grow best on this south facing porch. I always put a cascading vine in my pots. Below you can see sweet potato vine, variegated vinca and creeping jenny.

I love the little chair above. I also fill my back deck with pots. I used a lot of petunias and salvia.

The pots below have begonias, alyssum and that beautiful pink flower is called "dead nettle". I never used this flower before. It is quite pretty and growing like crazy.

 These two pretty hanging baskets were Mother's day gifts from Hubby. There are two more that are new guinea impatiens.

 These two pots are my yearly attempt at growing tomatoes. The front pot is a beefsteak tomato plant and the one in back is a golden cherry tomato plant. I rarely get a good crop, but I persevere. I am going to try feeding the plants more consistently.  I move them periodically so that they get enough sunlight.  I also have a pot with an orange bell pepper plant.
 I love sitting in either place and look at my pretty pots. So relaxing.

I am also sharing my Granny Square Roses again today. I have added the background color - soft white - to several of them. I love the way they look. They were looking quite dark to me, but now that the background has been added they have definitely brightened up. I haven't made any decisions on buying more green for the leaves yet. I think I will add the background to all the roses that currently have leaves and then decide what to do next. My interest in these pretty squares is definitely renewed. 

My infinity scarf is another matter. I am going to run out of yarn long before the stated length. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought a skein that is 20 yards shy of what is needed. I just may have to resolve to have a scarf that can't wrap around twice or not connect the ends and just have a regular scarf. Another decision to make.

I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along again this week. What are you knitting/crocheting? What are you reading? Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are up to.

Wuthering Heights is almost finished! Now I can't wait to discover the ending, but as I told my daughter, I will never read this book again. I find it interesting, but my taste in reading definitely leans to the lighter side. I like to lose myself in a book and not deal with constant angst. I don't mind the random tear-jerker, but even those books allow you to actually like some of the characters. I can't say I like or care about any of the characters in Wuthering Heights.

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  1. I have read that book at least five or six times :) :) but everyone has different tastes. Love the pretty flowers but the bestest are your homemade ones!!!!

    1. Thank you. Yes we each have our own favorite books.

  2. The flower coasters are adorable! Are they crocheted? :)

  3. I found Heathcliff and Catherine to be selfish and brutish, willing to ruin other people's lives over their own desires and whims. I've never understood how people can find it romantic.

  4. I love the chair, it is a real delight.

  5. I really enjoy seeing your lovely displays of blooms Cathie, especially the chair arrangement! Your granny square roses are gorgeous, well done, keep going! xoJoy


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