Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring has finally sprung!

The weather is just now warming up in my area. This little daffodil decided to say hello. I never planted this here but it comes up every year.
These daffodils have also made their appearance. They are going to be beautiful for Easter barring any major rain storms.

This grouping is always the last to fully bloom but they are on their way. They surround a Kousa Dogwood tree that shelters our bird bath and bird feeder.

My crafting has been quite stagnant lately. I am still trying to give my "trigger finger" a good long rest, so no crocheting or knitting. I have some swelling every morning and at times throughout each day, but no pain anymore. I still can't get my wedding ring back on which really frustrates me.

As a result, my cross-stitch has been progressing fairly well. I stop and start with this also to ensure I don't hurt my left hand and I can use my right hand exclusively if necessary. I am almost done with this Little House Needleworks project.

I ordered these cross-stitch patterns recently and finally received them. I have been wanting to tackle a Prairie Schooler Santa for quite some time. Now I have two of them. The other two large patterns will be future gifts so I can't show you them completely. 

I have never completed patterns with more than two pages and these have many more. Does anyone have tips on the best way to approach these stitch-heavy patterns?

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  1. hope the hand keeps progressing!!!

  2. I dope hope you'll be back to hand crafting sooner than later!!!

    1. Me too. I am trying to get back to my quilting. At least this is mostly machine work.

  3. I do like your cross-stitching work Cathie, and love your little bunnies in your header, they are so sweet! I always enjoy a good show of daffodils, thank you, and I hope good progress continues with your hand - such a painful nuisance! Joy xo

  4. Lovely cross stitch Cathie and what lovely daffodils I love Spring The start of new life in the garden hugs.

  5. That trigger finger can be painful. You are doing the right thing by just resting for now. Your cross stitch is so pretty! I used to love to do it but it hurts my eyes now. Yay for daffodils!


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