Friday, April 18, 2014

April WIPocalypse 2014

I am busy cross-stitching right now. I have finished the Little House Needleworks small.

I think I want to make it into a small pillow similar to what is shown on the pattern sample. I will share again when it is completed.

I am also working on this Dimensions stamped cross-stitch kit. I mentioned before that this is one my mother started and did not enjoy working on. She gave it to me to work on eventually. I frogged what she did and have now started it again. This is how far I have gotten so far.

I am joining Measi and other bloggers for WIPocalypse today. The question of the month is: How do you keep your stash organized? Pop on over to her site find out others organize.

Now I don't have a large cross-stitch stash. I have about 5 packaged patterns that are in my craft cabinet in my basement craft room (actually a tiny room I share with the freezer). I have many craft magazines and pattern books ( I rarely discard any), that are stored on the built-in shelves in my craft room.
I began designing my own cross-stitch patterns a few years ago. I use the books for inspiration. 

My floss is stored in plastic boxes in yet another small cabinet in this room.
The boxes below are full of floss that I inherited from an aunt. Many of the colors are discontinued. They came to me in these boxes. I also inherited the tatting thread you can see in the upper right-hand box above from this same aunt.

This box contains all of my DMC floss organized by number. I am going to have to get another box soon as I can't fit any more floss in this one. I need to buy a bunch more for two of the pattern kits I have.
The card you see at top has all of the DMC colors listed. I have a dot next to each one that I have so I know what I have to buy without going through the whole floss box. 
I have very little cross-stitch cloth at the moment. It is stored rolled up on a shelf in my larger craft cabinet. 

 I need to get back to stitching now.

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  1. Hello Cathie,

    I wanted to stop in and say hello, I found your blog on the Prim Stitchers Society facebook group. I have enjoyed your reading your post, I am now following your blog.

    Happy Easter!!


  2. That is such a sweet little piece Cathie - will look lovely on a cushion for sure! I'm amazed at your huge stock of floss in all their pretty colours, and thanks for the link - I always enjoy seeing how others' store their stash. I also love your daughters afghan (previous post, I'm catching up), and the crochet hook holders you made from scraps - very pretty!
    Happy Easter to you and yours, Joy xo


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