Saturday, March 29, 2014

LIQS Quilt Show!

 Last weekend hubby and I went to the Long Island Quilter's Society 2014 quilt show. This year's theme was Passport Around the World. I thought I would share with you some of the great quilts that we saw.

This quilt was made by several members to epitomize the theme.
 These two quilts could really make you queasy although they were quite pretty.

I thought this Ode to a Stash was amusing.
This quilt showcased thread painting. Very impressive.
 A few beautiful appliqued quilts.

 Here are some more to enjoy.

Finally an impressive graphic quilt....
 and a close-up.
I did not have any of my own quilts entered. I missed the deadline for non-members. Surprisingly, I didn't make any fabric or tool purchases at this show either. There wasn't a single fabric that begged me to buy it.

 I hope you enjoyed your trip to this quilt show.

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  1. What a wonderful show of quilts Cathie, thanks so much for sharing your lovely pics - I did enjoy my trip! Joy x

  2. Beautiful quilt show. Thanks for the drool worthy pictures. That cathedral window one is awesome.


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