Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crocheting Again!

I started this infinity scarf for my daughter before Christmas but I didn't like the way the yarn was chunking. Ideally the yarn was supposed to stripe and it doesn't. The funky mustard color did not really appeal to me for her either.

 I bought a different yarn for her scarf which you can see here.

 My hand is slowly getting better. I received a shot in it Monday, so now it is sore, but the doctor said I could return to my crafts within reason. I decided to pick this scarf up again just to see how it would feel. Wouldn't you know I was wearing a top that was the darker blue/teal color. As I was working, I realized I had tops in two of the other colors also, including the mustard color. I guess I subconsciously bought this yarn for myself. Who knew?
The crocheting is slow going as I am wary of doing too much but at least I now have something to work on at night as I just can't see well enough to cross-stitch then.

I finished reading Knit Two (Friday Night Knitting Club) by Kate Jacobs this week. It was the perfect airplane book. I enjoyed reconnecting with the characters from the first book now five years later. The characters grow in age, experience and self-knowledge. It was quite an upbeat book that included travel when I was traveling. Loved it.
Having a Kindle is definitely the way to go when traveling. Several books in one lightweight item. Thank you BIL.

I am now going to go back to reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. I didn't want to carry the quite hefty paperback on vacation. For some reason, although I am enjoying this book, I am finding it slow going.

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along. What are you knitting/crocheting? What are you reading? Pop on over to her site to see what others are up to.

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  1. Your crochet looks beautiful!
    I love Kate Jacobs books - she has a way of weaving characters together particularly well. Plus, there's all that knitting talk - irresistible!

  2. I'm over here from Yarn Along - that yarn is irresistable, what a summery combo of colours! It'll look beautiful when it's finished, I'm sure :)

  3. It sounds like you are happier with the colours for yourself now Cathie - your work does look so lovely and I see the colours as being fresh and bright; it's going to be so gorgeous to wear and I'm sure you'll enjoy it, especially as you have so many items to 'go with it'! Things work out don't they! Glad to hear your hand is feeling a bit better but don't overdo things! xx Joy

    1. Thanks Joy. I am trying not to be too ambitious!

  4. hope your hand continues to heal and feel better! I love the yarn colorway you are working with, so springlike and bright--cheerful for these dreary days!

    1. Thanks Karen. Up and down days with my hand. It is really frustrating.

  5. Oh I love your scarf, it's really gorgeous, and it looks very soft and squishy :-) Mel x


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