Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pre-Christmas New York City Trip and a Win!

A great big thank you to Kristi of 30 Pounds of Apples. I won her 2014 calendar. You can get one too. Just pop on over to her site.

Just before Christmas we made a trip into NYC as a family. We went to Discovery Times Square to enjoy The Art of the Brick. Both of my children loved Legos when they were little so we thought this would be a great exhibit to see.
All of these works are by Nathan Sawaya. Here I am at the exhibit.

Do you recognize this masterpiece?

Aren't these gorgeous?

This was made with clear colored bricks.

The following two pieces were somewhat difficult to perceive in person, but were east to see through the camera lens.

Just imagine how difficult this was to make and how many Legos it took.
We also made a stop at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree...
and St. Patrick's Cathedral.
We ended the day with a late lunch at Cock & Bull British Pub & Eatery.
All in all a rainy but great day in NYC at Christmastime.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing trip. My children and grandchildren loved legos too. I like to see the exhibits at the state fair made of them.


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