Saturday, July 17, 2021

Pennsylvania visit

Last weekend Hubby and I made a short trip to visit our son in Pennsylvania. He lives in a fairly new apartment building in King of Prussia. He is using his balcony for a small garden. His tomato plant looks much better than either of mine. 

This is the view of the courtyard of his apartment building from his balcony.

On Sunday we drove to Longwood Gardens. We had gone there once before in the Fall which was wonderful. The gardens in the Spring are magnificent though. Here are some photos for you to enjoy. There are a lot of photos and a couple of videos. The best video is the last one.

My son was taking photos of the flowers to send to his fiancee.

Along the garden walk, the flowers were grouped by color. Below is the pink/purple area.

Some of the plants are bolder than others.
I love trailing vines.

The plant below is called Angels Trumpets and we saw it in yellow, white and pink/coral. It is quite impressive to see in person.
As you can see we made it to the red section below.
We got a photo of the two of us. Yay! Look at all those gorgeous flowers.
I never found out what kind of tree is below, but it was so very pretty.

Below is the yellow version of the Angel's Trumpets.

Below is a few videos of the Italian Water Garden. I loved seeing the water pour down the staircase.

It was nice to cool off walking through a wooded area with pretty ferns...

and a redwood tree.

There were two different fountain shows while we were there. The first was very nice and was accompanied by music and an informational narration. 
The second show was all music and quite impressive. I have included a video below.

I hope you all get to visit Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania someday. I would like to return around Christmas as it is supposed to be a festival of lights at that time. 

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place to spend the day. Gorgeous flowers! Fun fountains to look at too!

  2. beautiful gardens - is the King of Prussia mall still in that area? long time ago when our son in law was stationed in New Jersey we went there with our daughter one day while he was working - it seemed like it was a beautiful mall but that was 20 years ago lol who knows what it would be like now.

  3. Cathie: First of all you both are adorable.
    Thank-you for sharing this fun and beautiful day trip, I love the water and music sounds, wow it was amazing.


  4. What a great day out, surrounded by such beauty. I loved the fountain show, a true feast for the eyes.

    1. The fountains were even more impressive in person.

  5. so glad you were able to visit him and have such nice weather!


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