Saturday, June 8, 2019

A visit and some planting

A couple of weekends ago my son and his girlfriend came to visit. He lives in PA and she lives in CA so they have a long distance relationship. They spent some time in NYC, but we all made a trip out to the east end of Long Island for some wine tastings. 
These pictures were taken at Duck Walk Vineyards in Southold, NY about an hour and fifteen minute drive from our home.
 You can tell from my hair that the wind was blowing, but it was a beautifully warm and sunny day that was quite welcome after a whole lot of rain.
I like this picture of my son and his girlfriend.

Soon after they visited, my Kousa dogwood came into bloom.
This view is from our second floor. My irises bloomed beautifully this year. It has been a while since they were this pretty.
 I also managed to fill all of my pots with flowers and they are filling in now quite nicely. These are by the sliding door to our living room.
 Once again, I only planted two pots of cherry tomatoes. They are the only vegetable (fruit) that I can ever get a decent yield from.
 I love mixing many flowers in one pot.
 I really like plants that spill out of a pot.
 Here is a close-up of one above with the creeping jenny. I usually try to plant the creeping jenny in my yard at the end of the season, because it comes back up the next year and I can use it in my pots again, but I didn't get to it last year.
I bought this pretty hanging basket at a local grocery store. I love it!
I still can't share my cross-stitching, but I can tell you that I am almost finished with the or tomorrow. I hope to wash it tomorrow and then get it to the framer this week. 

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  1. love all your flowers - such a pretty place

  2. You took us on a very pretty tour of your pots, a feast for the eyes.

  3. Cathie: You look beautiful in the vineyard.
    Beautiful couple they make.
    Lovely pots of flowers and the Dogwood is beautiful.


  4. beautiful photos, and wow to a long distance relationship--it's really far! Your flowers look lovely.

  5. Great pictures of you and your family, and a beautiful couple! So many flowers you have. It is so nice when it is summer and we can enjoy the color of the flowers! :-)

  6. The winery visit looks awesome. I was recently at a couple of wineries, such fun doing wine tasting. The, you really have a green thumb.


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