Sunday, May 19, 2019

PGA nearby

There was a different kind of flying machine in the skies by me this week.The Goodyear blimp is paying a visit to my neighborhood for the PGA golf championship at the Bethpage golf course. 
I snapped these as I was going to the grocery store. Don't worry, I pulled over and stopped each time.
The course is only about two miles from my house. My children took golf lessons at Bethpage golf course as kids. Hubby and my son often play a round of golf there also. They don't get to play on the black course where the championship is being played, but there are red, green and blue courses as well that they play on. It is a public golf course, where a local road goes right through it. I used to take that road every day to go to work when I was first teaching. 

Our daughter is visiting this weekend. It is my mom's 92nd birthday and we needed a trip to the local indoor flea market for wedding combs and earrings.

In the morning we all went for a walk in the local preserve yesterday and saw a momma duck and her ducklings. One of the ducklings is on the rock on the left, others are in the water.
The ducklings are so small and light, they could stand/walk on the floating vegetation.
Hubby and Katie were enjoying watching them.
Ruby wanted to watch out for mean bicycles.
All in all we had a pleasant walk. Ruby was tired afterward.

We celebrated Mom's birthday yesterday.
 I made dinner and bought a tiramisu cake from the local bakery.
It was a nice little family celebration.

Three bunnies have been visiting our backyard.
 They are so adorable.
There is a baby bunny too, but it scurried away before I could take its picture. 

I have been steadily working on my secret cross-stitch. The cross-stitching is almost complete which then just leaves a bunch of back-stitching. I am still hoping to finish it by the end of this month at which time I can start sharing any other crafts that I start working on. 

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  1. happy birthday to your mom! mine would have been a little older if she were still here - enjoy your time with her

  2. Cathie: Please tell your Mother Happy Birthday for me, she looks so sweet.
    Ruby is adorable.
    Nice outdoor photos.
    Flea markets are my favorite place to visit in the summer, so many unusual and different items to see and buy.
    I hope you have had a beautiful weekend.


  3. Birthday wishes for your Mum. What a joy to wander a flea market for wedding accessories.

  4. Happy Birthday to you Mother. She and my Dad are close in age. He's 93. I have too many bunnies in my yard, please come get them. I don't like that they eat my flowers. Always thought it would be fun to take a ride in the blimp.


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