Sunday, February 17, 2019

Two Hearts

I managed to finish two of my heart coasters. 
I'm not sure whether I like them or not. I am going to bag up the rest of the yarn, cut-out plastic canvas and directions and decide later. 
I started working on them to have something that didn't bother my thumb, but these actually made my thumb hurt. I did come up with a neat way to thread my needles from now on. I can't hold the needle in order to thread it so I have started sticking it in a cork.
Holding the cork doesn't make me pinch my thumb and forefinger together which is what makes my thumb joints painful. This is not a needle that needs to be sharp so I don't worry about sticking it in the cork. I sometimes also use the cork when holding the plastic canvas. I still seem to pinch it too hard though.

My MIL gave my husband 4 seed wreaths for the birds in our back yard. Hubby laid the first one in the bird bath and it was quickly gobbled up. He hung the second one this week from a hanger on one of our plant hooks. It was quite entertaining to watch the squirrels try to eat the seeds.
Do you see the squirrel on the bottom of the wreath?
Here he/she is hanging from the wreath eating it prize.
The squirrel on the ground to the left ate what its friend knocked to the ground.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I am making good progress on my secret stitching. I have this week off from my public school job, so I should get a lot of stitching done. Fingers crossed that I don't get distracted.

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  1. Your squirrels are do funny. I'm watching one out of my window right now who is sitting on the wooden fence between my house and the neighbors. He has a nut and is noshing away, with his tail all fluffed up and twitching around for balance. I have two oak trees in my front lawn, so I get a lot of squirrels.

  2. Enjoy your week off! Feel free to be distracted and have any kind of fun you like :)

  3. I love watching the antics of the squirrels in our neighbourhood too! The cork is a great idea. A week off sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  4. Great idea for your needle .
    I love to watch the squirrels they are so funny.

  5. We find the squirrels in our yard to be endlessly entertaining! They would be onto the seed wreaths here just like they are at your house. Enjoy your week off and lots of stitching time!

  6. Great idea for threading the needles. The squirrels are quite persistent, aren't they?

  7. Great tip for threading needles, thank you for sharing.

  8. What a great idea for needle threading. The squirrels are so cute.:-)

  9. love a crafty squirrel. take care of that thumb that hurts and it's good you set that project aside for now. They look great if you ask me :)

  10. Hi Cathie: I have never seen a cork used to thread a needle what a great idea.
    The squirrels are so much fun to watch.
    I do like your coasters, they remind me of heart candy for Valentines Day.


  11. I am new to your Blog. I am now a follower of your Blog. I have a Blog and it is called " I hope that you will become a follower of mine as well.

    Love your Coasters. They are so cute and adorable.

    I love your other Photos as well. The Squirrel is so cute.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  12. Squirrels and birds are fun to watch out the window. What a cleaver idea to stick the needle into a cork. That's a tip that might others.


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