Sunday, November 25, 2018

Family time

With my son and daughter home until Sunday, we decided to do something holiday oriented.

We went to Old Westbury Gardens' Holiday Marketplace. The mansion was decorated for Christmas and there were vendors on the grounds with unique items for sale.
I took some pictures of the holiday decorations in the mansion.
 Flash photography is not allowed so the pictures are somewhat dark. The mantel decor is beautiful.
 This tree is huge!
 Several rooms have trains.
 This doll house is quite elaborate.
 Isn't this ceiling gorgeous?
 This mantel is beautiful also.
 The embroidery on this coverlet is quite pretty.
 Can you believe how they decorated the bathroom? There is a pony in the tub!
 You can't visit the third floor, but the staircase is nicely decorated.
We didn't buy much at the Marketplace. I bought a gift for my daughter's fiance and my daughter bought some different flavors of ravioli to bring home.

Afterward we went to Hick's Nurseries to look at the Christmas displays. They have a walk-through area that has different scenes displayed for adults and children to enjoy.
 Aren't these adorable?!
 Look at these stuffed animals.
 Santa has quite an elaborate sleigh.
 This snowman and pup look cold, but the pup was wagging its tail.
 Then there was the shopping. Elf anyone?
 or maybe a Santa?
 or a snowman?
 or a Nutcracker?
 This is one of many decorated trees.
Of course they have Department 56 villages also.
 The hockey players in the bottom corner actually skate around the pond.
 I love the village below.
Here is Christmastown from Rudolph the Red Nosed favorite Christmas cartoon. 
 There's Rudolph!
 I love looking at the villages!
 I have always liked these figurines too, but not enough to buy them.
 I like this Santa too.
 I really love this Santa. I have a small collection of Santas that I display each year. This would make a wonderful addition....hint, hint, Hubby.
I hope you enjoyed the picture tours.

There isn't any crafting to show you right now. My right hand has been painful every time that I attempt any craft. Even the food prep for Thanksgiving bothered it. I am planning to go to a different doctor soon for a second opinion as I don't feel like my current doctor understands how important my crafting is to me or doesn't care. 

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  1. What a fun family outing! I hope your husband takes the hint about Santa...

  2. how beautiful that house is - where is this? I love the decorations on the stairway and the marketplace looks so beautiful. Good luck on finding a doctor to help with your hand. When I complained of hand pain once to my doctor he told me not to quilt anymore - I looked at him in disbelieve and asked him if he would tell his wife - who is a painter - to not paint anymore - that kind of made him take a different look at his opinion

  3. What a joyful journey! So much happpy and joyful spirit....made me smile and look forward to the holiday even more!

  4. Love the photos thanks for sharing , hope your hand gets better soon.

    Enjoy your family time.

    1. I hope my hand gets better soon too. It is stressing me out.

  5. What a fun place to visit, I love everything Christmas :) Glad you were all together as a family!

  6. That looks like a great visit. I'll bet you came home with a ton of decorating ideas.

  7. What a wonderful outing, loved the tour of the house. The ceiling was a delight. The store certainly puts you in the mood for Christmas with so many decorations and ideas. It must be killing you not to be able to craft at this time of year. Hope you get some relief soon.

  8. Cathie: Wow what a fun post, thank-you for sharing with us.


  9. Looks like a fun day. The house is gorgeous, so nicely decorated. My hubby would like the hockey players that actually skate on the pond. Very cool.


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