Sunday, December 3, 2017


 I finished Matthew's Maze with about 2 hours to spare before he drove home. It now resides with my son in Pennsylvania.
 My daughter who is all of 5'4" is holding it up for me to take a picture.
 This is the label of the wonderful women who did all of the machine quilting.
 Here are some closeups of that beautiful quilting

I am glad that Matthew's Maze is finally finished. Now I must start planning my daughter's quilt.

The weekend prior to Thanksgiving I finished some stitching on Baker Beach and sorted through which flosses I wanted to work with next. I put these flosses in the box you see below in the partition with my scissors on the left. 
The phone rang, I got up and knocked the entire box onto the floor. Floss scattered everywhere. Once my phone call ended, I just put all the floss back in number order, but I didn't go back and sort the floss to use next again.
Yesterday, I finally got back to stitching on Baker Beach and I looked at the chart and just decided that I wanted to stitch some blue. 
I know that this is not a floss that I had originially planned to use next, because I was trying not to leave too much un-stitched fabric in between colors. It made me happy to stitch this color though especially as it seemed to move me that much closer to the bottom. I have now chosen a floss that will fill in some of that open white space and I will be more careful getting up when my floss box is open.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching today. Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are stitching. I think Baker Beach needs a little more love in between Christmas decorating. 

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  1. Your son's quilt is wonderful! I too love all the lovely quilting that brought it to life.

  2. Your son's quilt is beautiful. Baker's Beach is so close to being finished!

  3. Fabulous quilting on Mattherw’s quilt. Don’t you hate it when you get something all organized and then it spills?

  4. love the quilt, it turned out great - glad you got it done in time!

  5. You must be so pleased with your son's quilt - it looks marvelous. And I must say, I'm rather taken with the hand crafted Christmas Tree in your blog header photo. Is it done with crotchet?

  6. Having watched your work on Baker's Beach for so long I think that I am just as involved as you in regards to the finish ( this is how us slow stitchers are :)

    Lovely finish on your son's quilt! I know that he must love it! :)

    I just sent a quilt home with my oldest over Thanksgiving and he was very happy.

  7. Congratulations on the gorgeous quilt! I'm sure it will be treasured!
    Enjoy some Baker Beach stitching!

  8. The quilt you made is amazing! What a work of art you created. I'm sure you son will treasure this for many years to come. Pat xx

  9. Wonderful quilt , and stitching .
    Enjoy your week.

  10. What a beautiful finish--I'm sure your son loves it! I've knocked over thread boxes more than once--why does it always happen right after you sort everything out!?!

  11. my goodness! you outdid yourself! that is one beautiful quilt that I know your son treasures.

  12. Hi Cathie: The quilt you made is positively beautiful.
    Baker Beach is almost done yahoo for you, you have many stitch'e in that design, have you ever counted how many in the finished design?



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