Friday, August 11, 2017


I have finished the stitching of my Summer of Love Challenge piece. I have called it Peace, Love, Coexist. Gee, I wonder why?
Here are some close-ups.
 I tried several new stitches.
 I am pretty pleased with the result.
I submitted these pictures only as I do not have the time to finish this into a pillow (or something else) before the submission deadline of August 15th.

I was originally going to finish this as a tote bag, but I am afraid that the embroidery would be ruined. I am debating making this into a pillow.

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  1. Beautiful work; it would also be a lovely center for a medallion piece ;)))
    hugs Julirose

  2. Yes it's just right!!! A pillowcase would be fun too...but do like your idea of a tote. Either way it's great finish!

  3. Cathie, It came out wonderful and I think it would make a great pillow. Nice to expand your stitching skills too.

  4. I love the sentiment and all of the stitches you used. Well done! Have you considered making it into a wall hanging?

  5. I love it! I think it says it all :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous work! I love your design and the colors. Beautiful stitching.

  7. Beautiful finish, and I maintain that you have a lovely satin stitch! A pillow would be very appealing, and not so much wear as a tote. Or you could just frame it!

  8. What an awesome finish. I just love everything about this. I love the sentiment. I love the stitching (someday I hope my satin stitch looks that good.) And I love the bright colors you used!

  9. What a shame that Baker Beach is causing you problems when you are getting to the end. I hope a bit of rest sorts you out.



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