Friday, November 11, 2016

Harvest of Quilts

Hubby and I went to the Evening Star Quilters' show, Harvest of Quilts this past Saturday. He wasn't feeling well, but I didn't feel like going alone and Mom was sick too. I didn't purchase a single thing, but I did enjoy looking at the pretty quilts. I thought I would share them with you.
This is Braided Poppies. I really love the fabric and the beautiful graphic nature of this quilt.
Rainbow Haze.
Another one of my absolute favorites was this Mariner's Compass.
Isn't this appliqued quilt just beautiful? It is Love at First Site. Obviously it won many ribbons.

Here are a couple of close-ups.
I love this block with this still life. There are a whole lot of berries and leaves.
I always love star quilts and any blue quilt. This one is called Aurora Borealis.
Another beauty: By the Sea
Hubby's name is Scott so....The Scotties. Isn't this adorable.
You actually could see the graphic nature of this quilt better in the photo than in person. The secondary on-point yellow squares were hard to see.
This is Confederate Courtship.
This Scrappy Hunter's Star really spoke to me. The graphic nature and the calico fabrics make for a stunning quilt.
This is My Favorite Place.
 The Gifted Cardinal. There are a bunch of cardinal fabrics.
 I have always loved a Card Trick quilt.
 Keep your Sunny Side Up.
 Can you believe this gorgeous quilt? I believe it is called Falling Border.
So pretty.
 Yet another beauty called Dream Weaver.
 Exploding Universe
 Stars Over Hawaii
  Trees of Life.
I hope you enjoyed this quilt tour.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What beauties!!!! I absolutely love the Keep Your Sunny Side Up.

  2. I certainly did enjoy the quilt tour, each one as beautiful as the next. A great show.

  3. Thank-you for a lovely Quilt Tour


  4. Wow you got some amazing shots of these beauties. Thank you for taking the camera so we could have this eye candy :)

  5. Such a lovely quilt show! I really was intrigued by that scrappy circle border!


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