Sunday, October 9, 2016

Writer's block

Okay, so I don't really think of myself as a writer, but I am having a really hard time trying to find something to write about in a charming way. Most of that probably has to do with a lack of progress on most of my crafts at the current time. Well there is an idea. I think I will look at what I currently have in progress.

First and foremost, Autumn Angel.
I have managed to stitch one of the borders, some leaves and one whole pumpkin. I will work on that pumpkin and the second border today. I am now hoping to finish her before Autumn ends. Wish me well.

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching. On Monday, I will join the Stitchery Link Party at Super Mom - No Cape. Pop on over to these sites to see what other bloggers are stitching. Autumn Angel is my project for this holiday weekend. 

Of course there is Baker Beach. I have hardly touched it since school started. It would be nice to be able to finish this in the next year so that my son can hang it in his apartment once he gets settled. He is finishing his PhD. and interviewing right now.
Prairie Schooler Santas are just sitting here. I was hoping to make these as Christmas gifts. One is started with only about 20 stitches completed.
I should be working on this stamped cross-stitch, but I am not loving it. It is a cast-off from Mom. I actually think the left-hand tree is finished now, but I don't have a new picture.
Okay, now for my yarn crafts. I took apart a hat that I made with this yarn that my daughter really didn't like (I don't blame her). 
She loves the soft fuzzy yarn, but she didn't like the pattern. To tell you the truth, this yarn is awful to crochet. I'm not sure I even like how the new hat is progressing.
I also started crocheting another Christmas tree. This one will be for my son. Mom has requested one also.
Then there are these crocheted rose granny squares that need finishing. I had to search photos from a year ago just to find one of them. I think it has been almost that long since I worked on them. 
Of course it would be nice if I could get back to finishing this quilt. The not-so-funny thing is that I have been making it as a twin-sized quilt to use to redecorate my daughter's room and now I am contemplating buying a queen-sized bed for the room so that it can serve as a guest room. I may have to rethink how I can assemble this quilt to make it larger. 
I never used to have this problem of UFOs. I would start a project and work on it from start to finish until it was completed. I partially blame blogging, because I always want to have something new to share. I think I have to work on finishing a few of these before I start something new again. Yeah right!

Finally, this little bird flew into my dining room picture window and landed on its back on my front porch. I got it on its feet and it sat on the porch for quite some time.
I believe it eventually flew away. It was gone when I checked an hour later.

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  1. You do have quite a lot going on; it is simply all slow stuff. I feel the same way much of the time! :) Those granny squares are beautiful!!!

  2. You have lots of fun projects underway! They are almost all slow stitching projects and they take time. I try not to stress myself out with trying to get something done by a certain time and just enjoy the process...this works most of the time, but, like you, I always have that homemade Chrsitmas gift deadline looming...

  3. Lots of projects! Yes, trying to have something new to show sure does make us start lots of projects. I try to pick one thing a month to 'finish' but that is difficult with the slow stitching ones. Your angel is very pretty.

  4. Lots of interesting projects. I love your rose squares!

  5. In spite of being busy at work, you've managed to make a lot of progress on your many projects!!

    I'm so glad that tiny bird recovered--I hate to hear the thuds of their little bodies when they fly into our windows!

  6. Lovely projects--they do take time..I think it is amazing that you work and have time to do all these...hugs, JUlierose

  7. Sounds just like me, too many projects on the go, when will we ever learn :-)
    Makes life interesting though!

  8. So many lovely projects on the go.
    I like your line about blaming blogging... me too!
    Autumn angel is beautiful!

  9. You have some lovely projects going on. Oh I know how easy it is to feel you have nothing charming or clever to say when blogging, I love the autumn angel.

  10. Lots of lovely projects on the go, I love them all. The Christmas tree was amazing I can understand why you would need to make more.

  11. At times I feel the same way - overwhelmed wit projects. Love your roses.

  12. I think all of your projects are wonderful. I do hope you are able to relax and stitch a bit this week! (Or crochet, or quilt - having a variety to choose from can be nice sometimes, too.) :)

  13. You certainly have lots to choose from - no wonder you feel overwhelmed. LOve your rose blanket, so pretty.

  14. It's hard to fit in all the things we want to do, but you're doing a fine job on these projects!

  15. You have a lot of good things going on. It was fun to look at someone else's many works. =)

  16. All your projects look great. I don't think you need to worry about finding stuff to write: sometimes a picture-heavy post speaks for itself.

  17. I think regular bloggers get like that where they wonder if their words are captivating or interesting. I wonder myself at times. But then I love to read other people's blogs and what they are doing whether it's exciting or mundane. So that makes it all interesting doesn't it??

  18. Thank You frs thsis lovely blog post I see you are very talented crafter...everything is so pretty:)


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