Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sewing Table Fix

A caster on my sewing table broke off leaving me with a wobbly, unstable table. Thankfully, I keep all of the paperwork for any large purchase and I was able to track down the company and get a replacement caster. They apologized that the new caster was black while the old one was brown. It is in the back and on the floor. I really don't care about the color. A five dollar black caster versus a replacement cabinet. No contest. Hubby was easily able to attach the new caster and I have been back in business.

What have I been working on? These blocks for my Royal Squares quilt.
I actually have a few more of them made now.
Matching up the seams is giving me a little bit of trouble. The directions say to chain piece, but that is just not possible as the maroon blocks are slightly undersized. I'm not sure why as all of my cutting was accurate. I think it has to do with the fact that all of the other fabrics came from a jelly roll and the pinked edges threw off my seams.
I am pinning the seams and sewing from each end to the middle. I am taking my time and ripping out when necessary. Now that I am going more slowly there is less seam-ripping.
I am hoping to finish this quilt top over the summer. I need 32 of these blocks and I now have 17 made. I also have to make 31 of a second type of block. I am trying to sew about 5 a day. I was questioning my choice of the maroon fabric rather than a lighter on, but I am liking this more each day.

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  1. I love the maroon, it goes really well with the other fabrics which are beautiful.

  2. Love the way you've framed just a few of the blocks in a dark color; any directions that I try to follow leads me down the either "just a smidge too short or too long" seam match ups--annoying!! Yours looks really nice...hugs, Julierose

  3. beautiful piecing and I must say who cares if they match, if it works then all is right in your sewing world.

  4. Your blocks are beautiful! I admire your patience with lining them up. (It is not my strong suit.) What a relief to be able to replace the castor on your table.

  5. Quilting, just like all sewing projects are such a mystery to me! I have tried it once, but didn't stick to it. I love your work in progress - it seems so complicated to me!!


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