Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom will turn 89 tomorrow. 
 The picture above is the two of them on Easter. She is knitting this afghan for my daughter.
 It is giving her fits. It is not that the pattern is difficult, she just has difficulty completing the actual knitting with her somewhat arthritic hands. Also, the dark navy that my daughter picked makes it hard for her to see the stitches sometimes. Currently, I am frogging about 50 rows of stitching for her because she found a mistake that far back. I marked it with the green stitch marker.
 Now my daughter and I saw that mistake back in February, but didn't say anything because my daughter really didn't care about it. Unfortunately, my mother recently discovered the mistake and insists that she must fix it or she won't want to finish the afghan. Sigh......

I thought this would be a good week to join Ginny for Yarn Along as I am doing some un-knitting. What are you knitting/crocheting? What are you reading? Pop on over to her site to see what other bloggers are up to.

As for reading, I am in the midst of The Glass Castle by Jennifer Walls. This is not I a book that I would normally pick up, but it is one of the group of books from the school where I work that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I am actually finding it quite interesting. It is a glimpse into a way of life that is totally foreign to me. There is poverty (although I don't think the author realized it as a child), homelessness, joy and sorrow. This is a well-written memoir. 

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  1. Such a shame, all that hard work for it to be pulled back. She is doing such a wonderful job.

  2. Great photo and Happy Birthday to your Mother!

  3. Bless her perfectionism!!! ;-) That is a great photo. Happy birthday to her.

  4. happy birthday to your mom!! and i would be like your mom and want to fix it as well....crazy!

  5. I totally understand you not wanting (or even seeing the need to rip the afghan back to the mistake, but I'm sure I'd be thinking like your mom, too. That said, seeing how far you had to rip back made me hurt a little inside. It will be a beauty when it's finished.

  6. What a great gift for your daughter! I agree it would be hard to rip out 50+ rows.

  7. What a lovely picture of your mother and daughter! I hope I can knit at that age; arthritis runs in my family, too.
    The Glass Castle is quite a bizarre story, isn't it? And I think my family is strange!


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