Sunday, August 2, 2015

What to do, what to do?

So what shall I concentrate on now? I am anxious to get another WIP completed. I got such a great sense of accomplishment from my finished table runner (see post here) that I really want to finish something else now. Unfortunately, few of my projects are even close to that stage.
Let's see. Baker Beach is a long way off. This is how it looked last week:
This is where I am as of Saturday:
I concentrated on finishing the table runner, so this hasn't been touched all that much.

My Prairie Schooler Santa is languishing also. 
I so looked forward to working on this and I am just not feeling it. Perhaps it is the fabric....not loving it...or perhaps it is because I am not sure how I want to finish it later. Sigh...

I took out this bit of loveliness. 
 I am planning on making this quilt with it, but I need to get to a fabric store to buy 2 yards of solid cream fabric. 

Unfortunately, Joann's didn't have any fabric that worked with this jelly roll yesterday. That means a trip to a quilt store, none of which are close to home. Hmmm....

I am linking up with Measi for the Late July WIPocalypse. She asked: What makes you pick up a long-abandoned UFO rather than beginning a new piece?

Usually I go back to a long-abandoned UFO when I am bored with what I am working on and don't want to start yet another project. Sometimes it is a feeling of guilt that makes me return to it. You know how it is. You say to yourself: "I really liked it when I bought it. I really should finish it. It really isn't that difficult. So and so would really like to have this."

With that question in mind I was wondering if I should return to this:

I haven't worked on this since last summer. It is a project my Mom started and really didn't enjoy. It is pretty, but the fabric is difficult to cross-stitch through and the chart somewhat difficult to follow It is much slower than counted cross-stitch. Maybe...

I am joining Kathy for some Slow Sunday Stitching today also. I haven't yet decided which of the projects above are going to get my attention. Maybe none as we have a BBQ to go to. Tomorrow I will link up with Super Mom - No Cape for the Stitchery Link Party. Feel free to pop on over to any of the site links to see what other bloggers are up to.

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  1. I had a kit once that was very difficult and I really disliked working on. After much debate (I had spent time and money on it, after all! I didn't want to waste the effort) the project eventually went into the trash bin. Working on that project was a chore and making me hate my favorite hobby, turning something I loved into something I dreaded. Since then, I have a policy of only working on projects I'm excited about. Yes, that means that sometimes unfinished projects get donated or recycled into something smaller like pillows, but I now focus on enjoying my hobbies. Can you restart that cross stitch project on fabric that you would like to stitch it on?

  2. Funny you mentioned guilt as that is what got me going an another house qpplique block last month, lol...

  3. I usually pick up a UFO that I have committed to myself to work on that month. On occasion I find a UFO that I had forgotten about and I fall in love with it again and want to finish it. Sometimes I just have to push through the low energy stage until I like it again :)
    Hope you find something that you enjoy to stitch today!

  4. My long standing WIP's/UFO's normally start yelling at me after a while. The longer I ignore them the louder they get. After a while I give in and try and progress them a little, or even finish them. Then I don't feel guilty when I start a new pproject

  5. Most of the projects have a purpose, a gift or something that is needed for the home so I am quite firm with myself and tend not to have too many unfinished projects.

    1. My projects used to have a purpose, but then I ran out of reasons to craft because nothing was needed which is just unacceptable.

  6. Guilt can be a great motivator. Maybe you should just go with whatever seems likely to get you a finish first, then get back to your slower projects once you have satisfied you need to complete something.

  7. Wonderful stitching , stay with it the snowman is lovely.
    Love the new roll of material .

  8. I make 'deals' with myself... if I finish something or get something to a certain point, then I can sew something I really like. I usually get stuck at sewing rows together, adding borders or prepping for quilting! Good luck.

  9. All your possible projects look lovely... I can see how it would be difficult to choose just one to work on to finish. I think it can be very hard to stick to long term projects. Maybe give yourself permission to do something completely different that would be a quick start, quick finish and then go back to working on the longer term projects.

    Thanks for linking up to this week's Stitchery Link Party and for the link back. Aloha hugs!

  10. Your projects are all lovely! I have been away from the blogging world for a couple of weeks. Baker Beach has really progressed since my last visit!

  11. Great projects that you are working on. I only work on UFOs when I feel like it, guilt is nothing for me when it comes to my beloved hobby, lol.

    I'm looking forward to seeing that quilt that you are about to start with the jelly roll. I have some jelly rolls in my quilt stash as well but haven't decided what projects I will use them on.


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