Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard! Snow day crafting.

The school district that I work for closed early yesterday and today is a snow day. I love snow days because except for shoveling some of the snow, I can indulge in all the crafting that I want.
 I thought I would give you some idea how much snow we received here on Long Island. First, this is how Hubby's bird stake usually looks.

This is how it looked at 7am this morning.
By 10 am you could only see "Blue Jay Bites".
That is a hedge that sits behind the plaque. There are about 18 inches of snow on top of those bushes. We actually had a lot less snow than the east end of Long Island, but there was still plenty to shovel and snow-blow.
I finished crafting one gift early this morning. I can't show it to you until I gift it though. Soon.
I am almost finished with the other gift. Here is a little peek.

I will reveal each of the finished gifts soon.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, all that snow, stay warm and safe.

    1. We are. Just have to get to work tomorrow, but the roads look fairly clear.

  2. Oh I love snow how beautiful. Glad you are inside safe and warm. Love your stitching. Look forward to seeing the whole pieces.

  3. Perfect weather for some stitching :)

  4. glad you had a snow day :) lovely stitching you got there!

  5. You got so much snow! Far more than we got here in VT.


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