Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fair entries and Yarn Along

I just sent off my entry form for the Long Island Fair at Old Bethpage Restoration. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to enter as you are only allowed 3 entries per Department (ex. Needlework) and 1 entry per class (ex. pillow). I didn't enter last year as we were going to be away during the fair so this year I have a lot of items that could be entered.

 I decided to enter the Daisy Squares afghan you've been watching me make. I am assembling it in the diagonal stripes. You all seemed to like that layout best and so did I. 

I found a mistake in the original layout when I put the colors on a paper grid. If you look at the upper right-hand corner you will see that I miss-placed the three corner colors. Unfortunately I had already made the squares that I thought I would need to fill in the pattern. I will have to undo the background color on a couple of squares or save them for a pillow and make a few more. I will have to hustle to finished it by the September 16th delivery date for the Fair. So far I only have two rows crocheted together in one direction. I am connecting them using single crochet. I want to be sure it won't come apart.

In joining Ginny for her Yarn Along. Please hop on over and share what you are
knitting/crocheting and reading or look at what other bloggers have in the works.
Obviously, I am making the Daisy Squares afghan and I am working on the second hand warmer. I am now reading Sweet Tooth, by Ian McEwan. I actually have to go to the library today to renew it. I don't want those pesky fines. Since I just started this book, I have yet to form an opinion on it. I have never read one of this author's books. 

The cross-stitch is done on Scary Cat! There was an awful lot of outlining needed. Now I just have to make this into a pillow. The fabrics you see in the picture are the ones I bought to finish the pillow. Don't you just love the cat fabric on the right? This will be another LI Fair entry and therefore another item I need to finish soon. Sigh.....
I am also going to enter one of my counted cross-stitch samplers. Not sure which one yet and a quick bread: Citrus Tea Loaves. I will show you pictures and provide the recipe when we are closer to the fair.
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  1. Stunning afghan! Good luck!

  2. I love to cross-stitch, I think your Scary Cat is adorable. I also think you picked such lovely bright fun colors for the afghan!

    1. Thank you. The afghan was supposed to be a stash buster but I ended up buying 3 of the background colors.

  3. fingers crossed that you win ribbons and money!! I love the afghan :)

    1. Thanks for visiting. The ribbons would be nice but in this fair the largest monetary prize for needlework or culinary is $5. It will cost more just to get in to see if I won.

  4. Sweet kitty. Cheerful afghan.
    Goodluck with finishing these up in time.

  5. Thank you. The afghan is coming together quickly.


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